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Mobile games with flair

We have designed and made the graphic artwork and animation for several mobile games for the english company TTPCom.
TTPCom was one of the biggest subsuppliers in the mobile telephone market and one of the pioneers in the field of mobile gaming.
TTPCom is now sold to Motorola.
The games made in cooperation between Flair Games and TTPCom are to be found on hundreds of thousands mobile phones around the world.
You will find the games on some Panasonic models and on the most Innostream phones.
One of Chinas biggest mobile companys has FlairGames on their TCL 718.
TTPCom wrote.: "TTPCom's Wireless Game Engine (WGE) opens up mass-market mobile phones to the creativity of games developers. The WGE is an open Application Programming Interface (API) delivering access to all the mobile phone's features."
Please don`t hesitate to contact us, if you need some graphic work.

Logotyping to the concept

To the world release in London we delivered posters and marketing materials.

Fillip® experiencing all kinds of adventures.

Hi I am Fillip

Character development for Mobile Gaming

Hurricane Spacefighters is a shoot´em up

Download a small clip mpeg here

The Classic Rally racinggame is another game, to be found on many thousands mobile phones mainly in the Far East.